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Rasa lounger for swimming pools, hotels and beach club (Grey)



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The Rasa sun lounger (203x80x37 cm) is one of Newgarden's most outstanding novelties, it is perfect for outdoor spaces, hotels and ideal to place it on the edge of the pool to create unique environments.

For this product we wanted to wink at our second headquarters located in Mexico. The Rasa lounger owes its name to the Mexican island Rasa, located in the Gulf of California.

In addition to its flatness, the highest point of this island is 35 meters and our deckchair has the highest point at 35 centimeters in height.

The Rasa sun lounger is perfect to be placed on the edge of the pool and give that design touch to any outdoor space, swimming pools, hotels, beach club, beach bars and all kinds of businesses, it is also easily stackable up to 12 units.

It is completely made of polyethylene, making it a very light and super resistant lounger against extreme temperatures. It is also protected against UV rays, making the product's life extremely long.

*The colour of the product may vary slightly depending on the screen on which the photograph is displayed.


  • SIZE
    203 x 80 x 37 cm


For more information download the complete technical data sheet:



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